Who We are

Navjyoti Manovikas Kendra is a voluntary organization was established in 1988 and is registered and recognized as secular and non profit, nongovernment organization.


  • registered and recognized by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, New Delhi.
  • recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).
  • registered with National Trust Government of India.
  • selected as Teleconferencing site by RCI New-Delhi.
  • state Award for outstanding work in the field of Rehabilitation. As a mark of appreciation, the school was adjudged the as a best special school by Govt. of Rajasthan in the year 1996 & again in the year 2019 in the field of working with special children with intellectual & developmental disabilities.
  • registered with Arunim Association for Rehabilitation under National Trust initiatives of Marketing.

Navjyoti Manovikas Kendra a school for the Education, Vocational Training & Rehabilitaion of children with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities has completed 33 glorious years in service of children with special needs.

We are working to bring children to mainstream level as far as possible by providing education, vocational training and self-employment by developing upon their skills and their levels.

Navjyoti has emerged as a big hope for the disadvantaged child. We continue to identify & work for economically- socially deprived intellectually disabled children with the aim to make them self-reliant and lead healthy, dignified and sustainable quality of life.

The impact of our intervention is visible in children & families. It is gratifying to see them all changing for the better. There is lot more to be done for them and many more children to be brought into the ambit.

Most of the children of Navjyoti Manovikas Kendra are from underprivileged families. They are provided free/subsidized education & vocational training to improve their life with special thrust on music and sports as a part of their daily routine. Our two students Praveen Sharma & Poonam Bhati represented the country in Cycling in Athens in 2011 and in Floor Ball Unified in Austria in 2017. Moreover, many gold medals were won by our students in Cycling, Table Tennis Athletics at National Championships. Two of our students were selected as Jodhpur Sports Icon.

The school has undertaken the task of door-to-door survey to identify children with mental deficiencies and contacted parents to send children to school.

The school has been working with industries to identify some of areas of employment at their places & working with them to gainfully give employment.

Intellectual Disability present at birth or acquired early in childhood due to injury or disease, affects and slows down normal intellectual development. In more severe cases, this developmental delay could lead to difficulty in performing even simple tasks although the extent of this varies considerably.

What we need to know is that children and adults with intellectual disability :

  • Can Learn (need appropriate schooling)
  • Can work
  • Need opportunity to build their strengths
  • Have the same human needs & emotions
  • Attain maturity through the same life stages: infancy childhood, adolescence, adulthood & old age.
  • Need understanding, respect, recognition & necessary support systems
  • Early Intervention
  • Special education
  • Pre-vocational & vocational training
  • Employment oriented training
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dance and Yoga
  • Music Therapy
  • Clinical Psychologist Services

Our special children are taking benefit of educational vocational training along with extracurricular activities & therapeutic help. Every child in the school gets regular training for learning functional academics (reading, writing, number concept, time & money concept, assessment of mass & volume), pre-vocational, vocational training, extracurricular activities like dancing, singing, sports, craft making etc according to the interest of the child.

Other than functional academics & vocational training, children undergo regular training for Art of Daily Living skills. Our children are also getting exposure for learning academics through Interactive Board.

We have Physiotherapy center managed by qualified physiotherapists where children are being treated as per their conditions and needs on 1:1 basis.

To make the learning more fun and easier we have “SMART CLASS” system – where students are showed rhymes, videos and movies over a projector.

Every last Saturday of the month a doctors’ team from AIIMS, Jodhpur visit us for health checkup and consultation of our school children. Parents are also consulted and guided by this team of doctors.

Through individual Education plan (IEP), over 100 children are provided academic education (Functional Academics)
It is backbone of rehabilitation. Team of experts assess and plan therapeutic intervention, design special furniture, mobility aids, gait training and posture management.
Clinical Psychologist
Trained Clinical Psychologist from the reputed Nationalized institute assess and examines each and every child brought for admission.
Vocational Training
Children aged 18+ are trained in different vocations to develop appropriate skills for employment through persistent training in particular vocation.
Ms. Poonam Bhati

Poonam Bhati, daughter of Shri Mohan Das Bhati, resident of 3/630, Chopasani Houshing Board, Jodhpur was born on 13th Jan. 1996. She was intellectually challenged by birth & her all milestones were delayed. Her parents started her education admitting her in a normal school but parents use to receive regular complaints about her poor comprehension, weak memory and difficulty in understanding the academic work, Due to her poor performance in the class, parents use to change her school, every now & then hoping that other school might improve her learning skills but the result use to be the same. On 12th May 2012, she was referred to our school for the admission. She was put in the Girls Special Class & was exposed for learning functional academics, kitchen activities, vocational work & co-curricular activities like dance, music, sports etc. She was found proficient in doing her daily routine work related to self care; she showed interest in doing academics (reading, writing, number, and time & money concept etc.) very little interest was shown in doing vocational work and participating in co-curricular activities. By nature she is very lazy, easy going & moody, never likes to do any physical work yoga exercises etc. in the school as well as at home. Due to her over weight & sluggish nature, she always exhibited reluctant attitude towards games & sports but inspite of her reluctant attitude, she was forcefully strongly motivate by our Master Trainer Mahesh Kumar Pareek took her to participate in different games of Olympiad and was put on regular practice under the Supervision of our Master Trainer Mahesh Kumar Pareek.

On 11th, 12 & 13th September 2015, in BIIT’S College Pilani, district Jhunjhunu & in India- First time special Olympic Bhart introduced a new game “Floor Ball” & in this game four students from our school actively participated & Poonam Bhati was one among them. All four of them gave excellent performance & made their good placement in the Rajasthan team.

A training programme on 18th October 2015 was held at "Akshay Pratishth on Chirawa, Jhunjunu district from 27th Oct. to 1st Nov. 2015 she received training for National level at Ambala. 2-8 Feb. 2016 at Bilaspur-Himachal Pradesh in National Championship our tow Girls (Poonam & Pooja) won Gold medals. Poonam Bhati gave very good performace & she got the opportunity to enter into March 2017’s world winter game Special Olympic & Participated at Austria- Europe. She participated in Floor ball unified 5-10 June 2016 at Solan Himachal Pradesh and finally selected for World Winter Game Graz City Austriya 2017. She took part in International Training for floor ball Unified at Telengana- Andhra Pradesh 11-16 July 2016.

Poonam had undergone training for the game Floor ball unified to participate at International Level. From 11-17th Dec. she got training at Tata Nagar Jamshedpur.

From 8th to 12th March, she got last final training at Major Dhyanchand Stadium, New Delhi. 14th to 25th March: - She moved to participate at Grauz-Austria to play game Floor Ball unified & represented India. Floor Ball Unified game Team remained at 5th Place at International Level.

We all wish her for her persistent efforts and roaring success for winning the game.

Mr. Jethu Singh

The victory holds significance for Jethu Singh as he is a hearing impaired non-vocal 24 years old boy studying in our school since long time. At the time of his admission, he was unable to speak or comprehend anything because of his hearing disability. After joining the school, with the help of the special educator’s transition planning and communication methods, direct learning by using real objects, models and activity, explanation by writing, flash cards, reciting singles words and sentences, all this made him to express his feelings & excitements. He became one of our most obedient, sincere & dedicated students.

Along with academics, he showed keen interest in learning all kinds of vocations, games, sports and cultural activities & he actively participates in all these extra-curricular activities. Presently he has become proficient in making brooms, designer wax candles, chalks, garlands & many other craft articles & vocational centers.

He also excels in games & sports & actively participated in it at District and State level owning Gold & Silver medals. In the year 2012 he was selected for National Championship held at Chennai in the month of Feb. (17th to 22nd) he won gold medals in the events shot put (4kg) and 200-meter race. Under the guidance of our Special Educator & Sports Teacher Mahesh Kumar Pareek.

Institute is proud of him for his excellent performance in the stream of vocation and sports & for his overall achievements.

Mr. Parveen Sharma

Everyone has hardship they encounter in their lives but when someone with a disability is able to overcome all this and succeed, it is truly a blessed thing. Parveen Sharma is a twenty year old boy who suffer form low mental ability. His parents were convinced to admit him in the Navjyoti School. At that time his developmental mile stones were lagging and he needed guidance and support for his activities of daily living. He had no academic level and his world was limited to his home and relatives. Under the guidance and consistent monitoring of the special educators Parveen firstly mastered his ADL activities and learned little functional academics. His interest was more in doing vocational work and participating in games and sports. He was very fond of driving cycle and for that he persistently made sincere efforts to achieve proficiency in driving the cycle.

Initially he participated in cycle race and other sports activities at District level and won gold and silver medals. In August 2009 he participated in Basketball event at Barely and won first Prize. At Bhopal in November 2009 he stood first in event to “Power Lifting”. In February 2010, he participated I cycle race at Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) and won first Prize and from here onwards his name came in line light for participating in the team for International level. In June 2010 at Pondicherry and in February 2011 at Rohtak he again won first Prize in the cycle race and his final selection was made to Participate at International Level. From 20th June to 4th June to 4th July 2011 he participated in cycle race at Athens, Greece and secured 6th Place in the cycling 15 k Road Race.

Today, Parveen is economically independent self-sufficient happy boy and has become a support to his family. Presently he is employed as “Ward Boy” in one of the Private hospital where his work performance is reported to highly satisfactory.

Every new student brought for admission undergoes a detailed examination and assessment by our experienced and qualified rehabilitation team and special educators. After this the child is sent to our physiotherapist for any neuromuscular or orthopedic deformity. A detailed evaluation of functional level is being done and then only the placement takes place.

The criterion of distribution of the children in class rooms is based on the basis of their IQ score and chronological age. Majority of our children in the school are distributed according to their mental ability as well. Each child’s educational program is made on the basis of their IQ and functional ability. Each classroom has strength of 8 to 10 students to assure personal attention of the teachers and easy learning.

The school starts at 9:00 am with morning assembly – where students pray, dance, sing rhymes and hymns, do yoga. After this classroom wise, the students engage in different activities. After recess every child gets exposure to pre- vocational and vocational activities as per their interest, skills, and abilities.